I learned through trial and error so you don’t have to. Learn by reading it here. I’ve tried it all. I know what works and what doesn’t. Let’s get to what works quick and get $elling folks.
This book will get you past any fear of picking up the phone so quickly, that alone is worth the read but there is so much more. 
Learn your way so start at 1 or 61. It doesn’t matter. Learn the parts you need most to get you going quick.  I’ve written this book in a way to make it easy to read. There is not any specific order. Your questions are not in any order either. This book is full of stories in the order that they came to my mind.  Flip around, start at whatever number you want and go back and forth. BUT START NOW.

People have a lot of reasons that they don’t want to make that phone call. Usually it comes down to fear. Cold calling is like everything else, to be successful you have to learn how to do it. I will definitely take the fear away, and teach you the most important things that I’ve learned in my sales career. The stories are real. Some went well; some didn’t go so well. You can relate these stories to what you are selling so sit back, and get ready to get great. Believe me when I tell you that picking up this book is really going to change your life. It will equip you with so much knowledge that you will be a professional as soon as you understand the concepts. And the concept is simple, have faith in yourself and in me, I’ve tried it all and this works. The best part is that while you are gaining these incredible skills, you will also be increasing your income. Now that is what I call a win-win. 

I keep hearing about this ‘fear’ thing the most respected top sales people admit to having and not picking up the phone can and will certainly hinder your sales.

If I tell you that I promise I can get rid of that fear for you, would that be helpful? Of course it would and of course I will!

People have hired me to make the calls for them. They are sales people by the way. They just haven’t read the book.  I’ve been paid a high amount of money to pick up the phone for another sales person and start the process which is the phone. And that is why I decided to start teaching folks how to. 

You are going to learn so much about the theory of how people think about what they buy. Why and how they make decision to buy.

• No more fear
• Confidence
• Learning why what I tell you works
• Having answers almost 100% of the time
• Actually enjoying it
• Being so great on the phone people will actually tell you you are
It is going to happen!

Remember, the most valuable person in business and/or sales is the one that makes the first contact which usually happens through picking up that phone.
I’ve only met two or three people in my career who have said they like cold calling. You are going to be one.

That is why I wrote this book and am thrilled that you are reading it. So many more of us should be happy doing what we do and get rich doing it. 

You just need to know how, what, why, and when.

Elayne Nusbaum
Canada’s Cold Calling Coach


You are going to learn how to sell in today’s world. The times have changed, we have changed. The people we sell to changed.  Get ready to learn new tips and tricks that work.

We are not all sales people but our tasks have changed and selling may be part of your new day.

This book is for anyone that has to increase their business by reaching more people. It’s about getting great at the beginning and the beginning is picking up the phone with confidence, great preparation and a smile on your face. You will have it all after reading even a part of this book.

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